Why Should You Consider Buying Vegan Shoes

Why Should You Consider Buying Vegan Shoes

Why Should You Consider Buying Vegan Shoes?

“Veganism is not a “sacrifice.” It is a joy.”― Gary L. Francione This one quote captures the essence of veganism. Veganism is a concept that goes beyond the context of food—the journey towards joy and reducing our dependence on animals. The same philosophy applies to the shoes we wear. Vegan Shoes are known for several advantages, which are a huge change from the leather shoes people are used to wearing. Vegan shoes are more environmentally friendly and durable than synthetic leather, giving brownie points to vegan leather. This article will discuss the process of making vegan leather and some of the top reasons you should choose vegan footwear. [PS: If you are looking for vegan shoes in India, keep reading the article until the end.]

What are Vegan shoes?

Vegan shoes are a great addition to your wardrobe and are much more than an additional choice. They offer a new perspective on comfort and style that can change how you view your feet. Vegan shoes are made from alternative materials like vegan leather or synthetic fabric. They do not contain animal products like leather or wool; this is important for vegans. Vegan shoes are made with different materials that offer comfort while remaining fashionable. The best part? You don't have to sacrifice style or comfort with these vegan shoes. You can wear them with everything from jeans to dresses, and they'll look fabulous!

What are vegan shoes made of?

Vegan shoes are made from various materials such as bamboo, cork, organic cotton, natural rubber, and recycled plastic. There is a steady trend toward using ethical and sustainable raw resources. Vegan shoes made from recycled plastic assist in minimizing the quantity of plastic in urban landfills. Let’s learn about these ingredients in detail:

1. Microfibre: There is a wide range of microfibers, each with its own unique structure, weight, feel, and visual appeal. Synthetic or natural fibers are used in the production of microfibres. However, the term itself refers to the material or fabric itself. Microfibers are often made from polyamide, polyurethane (PU), or cotton. A wide variety of properties may be realized due to its flexible composition. It may be very pliable, like Nubuck or suede leather.

2. Hemp: People have used the hemp plant's fiber for over ten thousand years for various textile purposes. Hemp has several significant benefits over other materials from an ecological standpoint. As a fast-renewing resource that requires no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides, it is very simple to maintain. Because of its high porosity, natural colors take to hemp very well, and the material is also highly resilient, lightweight, and breathable.

3. Cotton: Cotton is a sustainable crop because it regenerates quickly, requires little maintenance, and thrives in organic soil. The main drawback is that it takes a lot of water to make it, but that's far less water than is used in the leather industry for things like feeding animals and keeping them hydrated, and tanning the hides.

4. Pinatex: Unique and cutting-edge, PiatexTM is woven from pineapple leaf fibers. PiatexTM is made from pineapple leaves that would otherwise be discarded, so it doesn't need any more resources like water, fertilizer, or pesticides to grow.

5. Natural rubber: The rubber tree is a sustainable resource that may be used to produce natural rubber or latex. As an alternative to synthetic materials, natural rubber may be cultivated sustainably and afterward utilized to manufacture shoe soles and other components. Because of its adaptability, durability, and little impact on the environment, natural rubber makes for fantastic shoe soles.

Benefits of opting for vegan shoes

1. Vegan shoes are better for your health: Leather is known to cause respiratory issues in some people because it releases allergens when exposed to heat and moisture. These allergens can irritate sensitive skin and result in sneezing, coughing, and wheezing if inhaled over time. Vegan shoes don’t use animal products; hence, they won’t cause these types of allergies!

2. Vegan shoes are more eco-friendly: It's no secret that the leather industry has seriously negative environmental effects. To begin, animal agriculture is a major contributor to environmental degradation and significantly impacts greenhouse gas emissions. The processing of leather only makes matters worse. If the factory's owners are also irresponsible and allow the colors to seep into nearby water sources, the cycle of contamination will continue. With vegan footwear, carbon emissions are almost nonexistent. Additionally, no chemicals are used in producing plant-based leather, so you may lead a sustainable life without negatively impacting the environment.

3. Vegan shoes are often more affordable than leather shoes: Stylish footwear might set you back a pretty penny. Vegan apparel is more affordable without sacrificing quality or style. In contrast to conventional leather, vegan leather requires much fewer steps in the manufacturing process. That means it saves a lot of money. Ultimately, the decreased manufacturing costs translate to lower retail prices for vegan footwear.

4. Vegan shoes are made with cruelty-free materials: Vegan clothing's key selling point is that it doesn't exploit animals in any way. The bulk of leather products, including shoes, are crafted from the hides of various animals. On the other hand, vegan clothing and accessories, including vegan shoes, contain no animal parts. Vegan footwear eliminates questions about its materials and origins.

5. Vegan shoes can be worn in all weather conditions: Different from common misconceptions, vegan shoes are not a lower-quality option. Vegan shoe companies strive to provide durable footwear. Vegan shoes don't need to be replaced often since they last so long. When leather is subjected to wet conditions, it often develops wrinkles, creases, or even warps. Vegan footwear is not affected by this. Environmental degradation has no effect on faux leather. In reality, its appearance will improve with time.

Vegan shoe brand in India

Monk Story is a pioneer of vegan footwear in India. We bring the finest quality handmade shoes and accessories to your doorsteps. We take great pride in providing the best vegan leather shoes in India. We provide a range of footwear and accessories ranging from the quirkiest to the classiest. The choice is yours. By Supporting us, you are supporting our mission of sustainable fashion. Our accessories, as well as vegan footwear, are fashionable as well as durable. A lot of celebs over time have worn and supported Monkstory. Their faith in us boosted our confidence. Our customer has supported and loved our products, and their reviews have kept us going in this cut-throat competition. We are proud to be Monk, are you?

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