About us

There comes a time in all our lives, a moment of epiphany that turns our world on its head. Everything we believe in is proven to be false, and we are shown a path that we never knew existed. Yes, we’re merely a fashion brand, and such deep thoughts might seem out of place here. But we’re trying to do our bit by bringing you the finest quality handmade shoes and accessories, which are both fashionable and durable while staying absolutely eco-friendly with the use of zero animal products.

We believe that India is a fashion loving country; we just haven’t had the means to be “Fashion Forward”. Well, that’s about to change. For, every man now can afford the swankiest shoes and classiest as well as quirkiest accessories, while keeping his conscience speck free.

The Monk's Story

By now you must be wondering who this “monk” is that we keep speaking of. Let’s just say he was one of you and me, a mindless consumer with no regard for the world around him. And why would he have any? What good would that do to his selfish purposes?

What changes him, no one knows, but a legend says it was a magic potion that brought him closer to nature. Wrapped in a buttery translucent wrapper, this potion showed the monk who he really was. It showed him history and took him to the time of the Neanderthals. It showed him alternative futures leaving him to pick it for the rest of the world.

Which one he will pick, we do not know. The luscious green one with a thriving Earth, or a dystopian one made of nightmares.

We might not know the Monk’s choice, but let’s just hope you and I make the right one.

Fashion temple for style conscious monks

Why Monkstory?

Leather, made from cow hide, is a very commonly used material for shoes and other clothing materials. Animal activists have expressed concern over the use of leather and its effect on the cow population so there have been many advances in the use of synthetic leather. Monkstory products are intended to feel and look similar to actual leather but without the animal rights concerns.

There are benefits to wearing monkstory shoes compared to actual leather.

Monkstory is environmentally safer

Synthetic leather or non-leather is frequently used in vegan shoes and other brands that cater to those concerned with the the welfare of cows and other animals. Non-leather is frequently made of a combination of textiles and polyurethane to give the synthetic material an authentic leather feel. Genuine leather also has to go through extensive treatment to make it ready for shoe manufacture and the chemicals used to treat it have been found to damage the environment and take away the biodegradability of the leather, according to ENCAP, a branch of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Africa bureau. Synthetic leather shoes do not require as much preparation and use less chemical treatment in the process.

Monkstory is more stylish yet cost-effective

Traditional leather tends to be much more expensive than its synthetic counterpart. The reason for this is because leather requires much more preparation and is therefore more expensive to prepare. The cows needed to make leather require care, land and food and then the cow skin has to be treated before a shoe can even be made of leather. All of this contributes to the eventual buying price. Synthetic leather doesn’t require as much preparation or labor to produce and therefore synthetic leather shoes are usually significantly cheaper. And obviously we all know how stylish Monkstory is. Never has a brand delivered such designs with such quality at such a nominal pricing.


Monkstory products are designed to retain their form and are usually very durable. They are also more water-resistant than real leather, which can stain and suffer damage when exposed to rain or snow over time. Our products are designed to hold up against weather conditions and the wear and tear of walking and running over an extended period of time.

You can trust us

A lot of celebs over the time have worn and supported Monkstory. They have our trust and we guarantee the best service and quality you will ever experience. Our customers don't want to leave us and we are sure once you get your hands on our products you would'nt too

We are proud of being a Monk. Are you?