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There comes a time in all our lives, a moment of epiphany that turns our world on its head. Everything we believe in is proven to be false, and we are shown a path that we never knew existed. Yes, we’re merely a fashion brand, and such deep thoughts might seem out of place here. But we’re trying to do our bit by bringing you the finest quality handmade shoes and accessories, which are both fashionable and durable while staying absolutely eco-friendly with the use of zero animal products.

We believe that India is a fashion loving country; we just haven’t had the means to be “Fashion Forward”. Well, that’s about to change. For, every man now can afford the swankiest shoes and classiest as well as quirkiest accessories, while keeping his conscience speck free.

Delta - Black/Red
Rs. 2,290.00
Rs. 1,790.00
Bergen - Tan
Rs. 2,590.00
Rs. 1,990.00
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Rs. 1,990.00
Rs. 1,990.00
Indian Crickter Abhinav Mukund is now a monk !!!

Indian Crickter Abhinav Mukund is now a monk !!!

A well known INDIAN CRICKTER wearing MONK SHOES on his media conference of TNPL was captured on star sports !! 

Follow MONK'S RITUAL--Go Vegan !!


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Jaldeep Singh is now a monk !!

Jaldeep Singh is now a monk !!

A casual shoe that goes with your formal wear.

Look how well Jaldeep singh is carrying our Ashley black shoes and he does look like a perfect gentleman! Does'nt he ??


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Rahul Gandhi is now a monk

Rahul Gandhi is now a monk

Rahul looking super glamarous  on his dapper looking suit by wearing a BERN WOODEN BOW TIE.

Well Guys now you know what to shop for your next occasion!

Why not shop for something long lasting. 


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