Shoes you need to have this Christmas or New Year Party!

Shoes you need to have this Christmas or New Year Party!

Designer Shoes for Ending the Year with a Bang

As once Taylor Momsen said- “You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it.” With a fast-moving life, you need to put your best foot forward, which means you have to be ready to run along with life and with your daily chores. Whether you are a college-going boy who wants to look cool among his friends or you are a CEO of a big brand, the main thing which everyone sees in a man is his personality and of course SHOES.

Let’s see some of the eye-popping designs which you must have during this celebration season

1.FLATFORM Collection

If you are looking for that one pair of classic shoes that has no heels and lots of comforts then you have arrived at the right place. For many men this combo is heaven. Flatform by Monkstory is a masterpiece for those men who want rich and sophisticated-looking shoes but with no heels and comfort. The good thing about these shoes is that they come in a variety of colors like black, brown, burnished brown, powder blue, rich yellow, and powder peach which can help you look like a man with a colorful personality if you have them on your collection. You can wear them formally as well as casually.

2.ReMx Mojari Sneakers Collection

Now, India is famous as a country of festivities and different cultural weddings. The three common things in all festivals and weddings are vibrant colors, delicious foods, and lots of work to do. No wonder people buy new and designer footwear matching their outfits but no one shows the irritating pain that the shoe puts on them because of shoebites. To solve this issue Monkstory has brought ReMx Mojari Sneakers which will help you hop around with comfort and style. They come in classic colors like white, black, tan, and brown which can be matched with every outfit you wear. 3.

3.Magnificons Collection

As we have mentioned earlier that Monkstory has a strong vision of making their products vegan and cruelty-free, but this special collection brings the best out of what they have promised to their customers. They have used a remix of pleather fabrics which not only gives pleasure to your feet but also your eyes too. When it comes to a variety of colors they have a good number of collections, but my personal favorite one is the dual colors. 4.

4.Trance Collection

We all have heard about peep-toe shoes which are popular among women’s shoe collections. Out of ten, seven women have it once in their lifetime. But why I am talking about a women’s shoe here? Well, equality needs to be on both sides right? Monkstory has used the same concept but is even better for men. They have got creative and created a very special collection which can be called peep-through shoes. These shoes are transparent but not completely. It is a unique design that every man should have if they have a thing for fashion. Their motto behind this is transparency which the youth demands. Trance comes in five multi colors which can perfectly fit with every outfit you wear. 5.

5.Luxious Collection

As the name suggests ‘Luxurious’. If you have a habit to leave your mark in the room then these shoes will support you in achieving your goal. They are designed in such a way that they will make you feel royal and leave a high-class impression on others. On top of that, this royal-looking Luxious collection comes in two different styles slip-on and mules. And the best part about it is that they have fur insoles…’ Yay!’ 6.

6.Chunky Sneakers Collection

If you are a person who is more into sneakers then this Chunky sneakers collection by Monkstory is your one-way stop to go. People might say that chunky is so old-fashioned but they haven’t had the pleasure to look at Monstory’s chunky collection. It comes in five different color varieties- white/black, black/brown, white, burgundy/ black, and burgundy/tan/black. 7.

7.T-Rad Sandal Collection

Whether you are having a puja in your house or having a beach party these T-Rad sandals are the perfect pairs for you’re on to go collection. On top of that, they are comfy, breezy, and environmentally friendly. These sandals come in primary colors which will match your every outfit. 8.

8.Off-Beat Collection

If you are looking for sneakers that will make the heads turn then this is your one-stop shop. Monkstory's latest "Offbeat" Collection is all about trendy side-soles, lace-up style statements, and exploration-worthy designs that promise to elevate your urban fashion standards. It comes in colors like black/white, military green/black, burgundy, and tan/black. It is not a secret that shoe speaks for you, so you should always choose your words wisely, or in this case your shoes.


When choosing the right pair of shoes, you only don’t have to look for fashion but also comfort and keeping your feet in the right shape matters.

1. Determine your shoe size: It's important to know your shoe size before you start shopping online. You can measure your foot by standing on a piece of paper and tracing around the outline of your foot. Then, measure the distance between the two longest points on the outline to determine the length of your foot.

2. Go Through Size Charts: You can then use our size chart to find your corresponding shoe size. Instead of estimating what you think is suitable, these charts will help you understand which sizes are the best for you.

3. Buy from reputable retailers: There are many retailers that sell shoes online, so it's important to choose one that is reputable and has a good reputation for customer service.

4. Go Through Customer Reviews: You can read reviews and ratings from other customers to get a sense of what to expect from a particular retailer.

5. Order and Try on and test your shoes: Once you receive your shoes, try them on to make sure they fit properly. Walk around in them to test their comfort and support. If you are not satisfied with the shoes, monkstory will allow you to return them for a full refund or exchange. Now that we have discussed how to choose a perfect pair of shoes, let’s see which brands provide all of these qualities, oh wait, I know it starts with M and has a story behind it… Yes, it is “Monkstory”.

Monkstory footwear not only provides comfort on your feet but also has so many unique designs in their collection which will add style, fashion, and coolness to your last name. Based on the above list you can make your festival/wedding season a memorable time of the year.

Monkstory’s collection has a reputation for providing quality, and durability, and on top of that 100% cruelty-free and uses completely vegan materials. Monkstory believes that a person who affords style but not at the expense of comfortability and harming the environment.

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