The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Sneakers

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Sneakers

Sneakers have been known for their versatility. Regardless of what weather it is, sneakers can always pair evergreen with your outfit. With time passing by, the consumption of footwear is increasing just as much as clothing. However, with the growing consumption of footwear, the ascend of animal leather has broken past the roof. Animal leather has been chosen best for the feet due to its waterproof and robust materials, until now.

The increased importance of saving the environment, especially by prioritizing what is more crucial, has become of the utmost gravity. It was one of the many reasons why veganism began revolutionizing global markets. Do you want sneakers that are both sustainable and elegant? The new launch of vegan sneakers, which puts the choice of animal skin outside the doorstep, can make your wish come true. Sustainable sneakers are now the talk of the town!

Veganism is a choice that can save the place we call home, creating an ecosystem where almost all materials are built with cruelty-free products. While deciding which sneaker to pair next, have you thought about how shifting to vegan sneakers can turn the world "downside up"? Why? The question is, why not? These sneakers offer the same, often better, view of how you love your sneakers. From fashionable to sustainable, you get all packed in one box. Have you been looking for the best kicks that match the way you want to look yet remain cruelty-free? Read the article until the last line to get the ultimate guide to the best Vegan Sneakers.

What are Vegan Sneakers?

The all-season-ready Sneakers have always been a great addition to the wardrobe. Adorning your closet and pairing your outfit with shoes that match the best can often be a tough decision, especially if the choice is beyond imagination. However, have you ever thought about how equally important it is to prioritize your choices while consuming fashion? The journey of gradually putting down the dependence on animals to yield products that fit the definition of fashion is now not far-fetched.

Vegan sneakers, which are composed of either plant-based or synthetic fabric, have twisted the world's market arena. With its rise in society, Vegan sneakers have almost halved the consumption of animal leather, creating a new tomorrow for not only us but you too. Vegan sneakers are made with vegan leather or synthetic fabric, finally opting out of animal leather or wool from the question.

Vegan sneakers in India have ever since started to capture the market. In fact, the best part is that vegan sneakers are comfortable, elegant, and also equally sustainable. Why not pair your attire with something less harmful to society yet classy? The choice is up to you now.

Why are Vegan Sneakers better than Your Normal Sneakers?

With people adopting environmentally sound manufacturing methods having caught the eye now, many need to understand why vegan sneakers are better than your normal, day-to-night sneakers. Turning to veganism might not be easy for many, but saying no to animal consumption is undeniably impossible. With not consuming animals, the responsibility of not purchasing items that are made of products derived from them is equally just as significant.

Eschewing the use of animal-derived products and bringing home sneakers just as warm and fashionable as vegan sneakers. But why buy Vegan Sneakers? Here is why.

1. Affordable in Cost

Vegan Sneakers, unlike the ones made from animals, are cheaper in price. While your normal sneakers might look appealing, the numbers they hide behind are higher. Vegan sneakers, at half the price of the pair you own, can give you a look you always desired. All of that at a price cut in half.

2. Durable in Shape and Form

The vegan sneakers won't alone bring you home a jar of sustainability but a quality that promises durability. The manufacturers of Vegan shoes make sure that the product made can weather the test of time. The rumors of vegan shoes not being equally as endurable as the normal ones you own have been around for a long time now.

3. Fashionable and Vogue-Worthy

The timeless designs that come with vegan sneakers have always exhibited what quality looks like. Vegan sneakers are known to showcase elegant, appealing, and absolutely vogue-worthy designs – something that not many would imagine. With durability, it is already extremely incredible how fashionable vegan footwear can look.

Recommended Vegan Sneakers

The Monk Story has unleashed a pile of vegan sneaker collections, some of which might just be your style. Who knows?

1. Chunky Tassel Sneakers - White

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Sneakers

Tassels and lace linings have now become a wide part of the Jewelry tribe. Which is why Monk Story has brought you purely vegan, and cruelty-free sneakers packed not only tassels and lace linings, but also piles of chunks — causing it to look sporty, lively, and charming, all at the same time. Did you ever think tassels can end up on your feet? So why not try and experiment?

2. Offbeat Lace Sneakers - The Double Date

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Sneakers

The Offbeat collection of the Monk Story has begun climbing the ladder ever since it started producing shoes made of pure vegan materials. The curvature of black on a white sheet already gives an idea of fashion. The contrasting colours merging against one another has set an apex not many can cross.

3. ReMx Mojari Sneakers - Tan

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vegan Sneakers

Sneakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are never limited to a bar, only offering a sporty look and voguish touch. The story is a lot more than that. How do you think you can pair a sherwani? The answer lies here. The new, tan coloured Mojari – with craftsmanship in the form of a sophisticated pattern – comes packed with a royal design. The best part? They are sneakers! The royal, ethnic design Monk Story has brought you home is a reminiscence of tradition coupled with modernity. With an embroidered pattern carved on top of the kicks, it hints at both ethnicity and urban style, mixed into one platter.

Why Monk Story's Vegan Sneakers?

Monk Story has practiced veganism in all forms. From sneakers, to a pair of formals. From Mojari to a pair of casuals, the Monk Story has brought you all options, equally appealing, chic and extremely sustainable and cruelty-free. Supporting us and shifting on to vegan footwear will not open doors to reducing dependence on animals, but it will equally liberate your choices and give you options beyond what is imagined. Want to try? Explore our page and order what your heart wants!

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