5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment – Margaret Mead

Sustainability is important, especially if it is about fashion. Materials play a very important role in producing not only shoes but anything durable. However, finding the right eco-friendly shoe materials can often cause chaos in more ways than imagined. In cases where finding stylish and sustainable shoes has become tough, many of us have started introducing eco-friendly practices into the lines.

Prioritizing the materials that help produce sound and sustainable shoes and equally fashionable counts as a good first step to caring about the environment.

The environment is incapable of saving itself if the inhabitants stop protecting it. While fashion has turned society upside down, the consumption of animal leather has caused ripples.

With the new year, the goals of people have shifted dimensions. While many have started practicing good first steps toward saving the environment, it is time that we forgo materials that are not eco-friendly. If you are looking for the right eco-friendly shoe brands to buy online, then you are on the right page. Here are some shoes, both fashionable and sustainable.

1. Rebel High Top Lace Sneakers

Compromising the aesthetic over sustainability is tough. So why not pack both in one box? The new Rebel High Top Lace Sneakers have geared up with style and overwhelming comfort. The fashionable game in the latest Rebel release from Monk Story has unleashed not only style but a pack of eco-friendly materials.

Made of 100% sustainable vegan leather, this pair of sneakers promote cruelty-free and eco-friendly materials. With fleek highlight stitches and layers of symmetrical perforation, the new Rebel High Top Lace Sneakers has ever since changed the face of fashion, blended with core eco-friendly materials.

5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

This pair of sneakers, with a stain-resistant and appealing design, comes with Chunky outsoles and unimaginable grip quality. Want other pairs of sustainable footwear in India? The options are beyond the boundary.

2. Alter-Ego Velvet Lace Sneakers - Blue

The Alter-Ego Velvet Lace Sneakers, with a hue of blue, have come and caused a revolution in the market. The velvety design, layered with a 100% sustainable, eco-friendly vegan material, has stunned the crowd with a multicolor design different on either shoe. The new Alter-Ego has left people wide-eyed with a design not many think of on their feet. Why wear the same color when you can pair it differently?

The Alter-Ego Sneaker, with a velvet blue material, has a grayish hue on the left shoe, while a layer of black on the right. Striking the crowd, Monk Story sneakers bring you home what looks absolutely astounding and unique. The pair also ensures a 360-degree wall stitch for better durability, pushing comfort and fashion on the fort.

5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

With time shifting, many have started exploring eco-friendly and vegan options – out of a bigger lot of recyclable materials – thus stumbling upon a pair of sneakers as comfortable and unique as the Alter-Ego Velvet Lace Sneakers (Blue) seems a choice out of the box

3. Offbeat Lace Sneakers - The Urban Dancer

Sneakers that change the way you walk are the ones you should always trail back to. Monk Story’s new “Offbeat Lace Sneakers”, with a pop of white highlight on a sheet of black, boast appealing side-soles with matching colors. This Crease and Stain resistant pair of sneakers is purely made of vegan leather, showcasing style, comfort, and a pop of color.

5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

The trendy lace-up design with the outsoles promoting pro-grip has captured the eyes of many. With an eye-catching black and white design, this pair of sneakers will add the final touch to your look. The "offbeat" look of this pair of sneakers is what takes the crowd aback. The breathtaking black and white is just the cherry on top of the cake.

4. Bold Smart Casual Comfy Sneakers - Brown

“Bold Smart Casual Comfy Sneakers”, an elegant suit-cut design by the Monk Story with a lapel finish and an appealing design, has revolutionized the shoe market. With additional fancy features like an elastic band with the highlight, stitching makes it a feast for the eye for anyone seeing the shoes. Monk Story’s Bold Smart Casual Comfy Sneakers thus boast to the crowd a minimalistic elastic band design with white soles and breathtaking heel caps.

5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

The reasonable price range with stain and crease-resistant design is enough to get a price-to-quality ratio. One of the top-rated shoes in Monk Story’s pseudo-suede designer collections, this shoe is built like a slip-on and equipped with a pro-grip, thus making it very snug and comfy. Want to grow a collection with an aesthetic yet eco-friendly shoe shelf? Choose Bold Smart Casual Comfy Sneakers from the Monk Story sneakers collection and bring most kicks home now! Why? Because being bold is the way we walk and lead ways.

5. Skream Wave Pattern Lace Denim Sneakers

Denim has changed the course of fashion wear for a long time now. This trendsetter has caused the footwear industry to change too. The Monk Story's shelf is now adorned with a new wave-inspired design, setting an elegant yet energized selection for you.

5 Eco-friendly Shoes to Buy Online if you care for Environment

With a wave of ivory-white against a layer of blue, the new Denim pair has turned the cart down, designing a pair of sneakers to boast stitch quality, comfort, and a tint of voguish touch. The sustainable denim fabric layered upon this trend-setting pair of sneakers features a magnificent jeans style. Why not set fire on the stage by wearing funky yet sober-designed shoes? The light denim blue color has caught the attention of many, and we hope the next one in the queue is you.


You can make your shoes greener. While many brands produce brand-new shoes with leather made of animal bodies, Monk Story has kept promoting the importance of cruelty-free, vegan materials in the form of shoes. With the new year, new shoes have adorned our shelves. Monk Story is your own door to a room of shoes, both classy and appealing.

We bring you home 100% vegan handmade products with fancy and elegant looks, blending the best of both worlds at your doorstep. Supporting us would be a step towards cruelty-free footwear. Our products range from casual wear to classy formal too.

MonkStory Shoes, the pioneer of sustainable footwear in India, has produced many shoes, including but not limited to sneakers. Do you want a sneak peek? Visit the online store now and explore deals not many would offer.

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