Laptop Bags: More than Carrying Laptops

Laptop Bags: More than Carrying Laptops

'Laptop bags'- Thought of this particular term brings us an image of working adults carrying a brown or black leather bag with a laptop and other essentials while cribbing about work life.

However, times have been evolving, and now people love to follow an aesthetic in terms of their style statement. Moreover, this is when we should all be maximising and going down a more sustainable path, even when it comes to fashion.

And that's why laptop bags are now for more than just carrying laptops.

Understanding the importance of laptop bags

No matter how boring you visualise a laptop bag, a laptop bag is a must-have accessory for everyday use, especially if you are a working adult.

As the name suggests, it is for carrying laptops...but daily, you have things to carry in and out of your home. Your keys, wallet, IDs, stationary and much more.

Moreover, it keeps your laptop from getting exposed to pollution and dirt, which may affect your laptop's performance. And what if someday you get stuck in rainy weather? Can't let your laptop be soaked and damaged by water, right?

Choosing the right laptop bag for you

"Aren't all the laptop bags the same?"- This is what your general thought would be, but allow us to change your mind to understand further what kind of laptop bag you require. Here are some factors listed below for your understanding.

Size of your laptop

Nowadays, there is a plethora of options when it comes to buying a laptop. Laptops come with different functions and sizes, but since you are considering getting a bag for your laptop, we'll focus on the size.

For accurate sizing, always check the dimensions of your laptop screen before buying a laptop bag. For example, if you have a 14-inch MacBook, try to get a bag compatible with at least 15-inch laptops, as they're the standard laptop size.

Padded compartment for laptop

This is very important to be checked before buying a laptop bag. Many brands sell laptop bag that looks perfect from the outside, only to discover later that there's no padded compartment for a laptop.

A padded compartment is a must-have because it protects your laptop cover and screen from getting struck by any heavy object inside any other enclosure. It forms a barrier between the laptop and the further compartments of the bag.

Zipping up

We say this with an emphasised tone- NEVER. BUY. LAPTOP. BAGS. WITH. FLIMSY. ZIPPERS.

Flimsy zippers tend to start tearing down in just a matter of weeks of frequent usage. You'll generally find this kind of zippers in dangerously cheap laptop bags, which might seem convenient at the start in terms of pricing. However, trust us when we say that it's an investment.

Always buy laptop bags with chunky, metallic zippers, as they're durable and can last for years.

Why spend a small amount again and again when you can spend a fair but a bit more amount for a great quality laptop bag with a longevity period worth years?

Material is important

The material your laptop bags are made of is crucial while buying one.

Imagine buying a laptop bag with a nylon or a fabric exterior. It's nothing but a nightmare because it totally defeats the purpose of a laptop bag: Protecting a laptop from dirt, pollution and rain.

Moreover, you would have to wash it more often, which will shrink the fabric.

Always go for laptop bags with a waterproof and dustproof exterior. Here's our personal favourite: Vegan Leather.

Everyone loves more pockets and compartments!

Even though it is popularised as a laptop bag, it should have more than just one function or usage.

And moreover, who doesn't love extra room for keeping your other things?

You should always consider buying laptop bags with additional spacing to keep your laptop charger, travel adapters and other everyday things you need.

Why should you choose a Monkstory bag?

Monkstory is on a great run with vegan shoes and plant-based accessories like sunglasses. And now, Monkstory is appearing in a different fashion scene with their latest arrivals: Messenger/ laptop bags.

If you are wondering why you should go out of your way to buy these bags, allow us to elaborate further on why you need these in your everyday busy life.

One size fits all.

Monkstory messenger bags are laptop bags made considering the current laptop sizing standards. These bags are 15-inch in size that can fit any laptop you find available these days.

If you observe any workplace laptops or casual laptops, a good percentage of these laptops are between 14 inches to 15 inches in size, which encouraged us to make the perfect laptop bag for everyone.

Functional in every way you can imagine.

Did you really think we would make laptop bags...exclusively for laptops? No way. We love to go a little beyond just a single functionality.

Monkstory bags are very convenient and functional. Thanks to multiple compartments.

You can carry many trinkets and everyday essentials like chargers, perfumes, journals etc., other than just your laptop.

Metal Zippers, FTW!

We mentioned this earlier and will mention it again: SAY NO TO FLIMSY ZIPPERS.

And that's why...we did.

Monkstory bags have metal zippers on them, which keeps the chain links from tearing apart or breaking no matter how many times you use them.

Anybody can use these bags for a long time without worrying about the zippers; that's a Monkstory guarantee.

Fully Vegan. Fully Waterproof.

At Monkstory, we go full vegan every time we put a product for people because of our core beliefs. But in this scenario, this is more than our belief.

Here's a less known fact: Vegan leather is waterproof, unlike any animal-produced leather.

It protects your laptop and essentials from dust, rain and pollution and is easier to clean even after frequent usage.

Doing laundry is a task; we do not want to add laptop bags to that list, do we?

Fashionably versatile.

Remember what we mentioned at the beginning of this article? Let us remind you with a gist: We all visualise a black or brown laptop bag at the thought of a laptop bag.

Well...we are here to change that.

Laptop bags need not be boring at all! That's why Monkstory bags are not just for carrying your laptop and the usual stuff; these bags are also very fashionable!

You can carry these to an office, mall, event, or wherever!

So what are you waiting for? Head to for these now!

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