Monkstory Chappals: The Most Fashionable Comfy Footwear

Monkstory Hex Collection

Chappals...we know, it might sound not so appealing at first but trust us when we say this: You're definitely in for a surprise. Because we've got something new: Monkstory Chappals.

There are many options out there, but why go for our chappals? Let us walk you through it.

Ever heard of hexagonal-shaped slippers? No? Now you do; because we got'em.

Hex-shaped slippers? There's no doubt that it looks cool, but if you're wondering about the functionality, allow us to elaborate.

Ever been in a situation where you're just going about your day in a stylish chappal, and then you feel an annoying poke on your little toe every time you take a step? We've been there too.

The hexagonal shaping of a Monkstory chappal not only gives it a unique outlook but prevents your toes from those annoying toe-stubs and pokes.

We promise you one thing: These chappals are not just to match ethnic wear. You can literally pair them up with anything.

Wearing chappals like such is generally associated with more ethnic-based outfits, but what if we tell you that these chappals are suited for a wider variety?

While we understand the scepticism, we would like to put out a single word: Versatility.

We're all about versatility; we ensure that even the most underrated stylish footwear does not miss it. You can pair it with clothes ranging from ethnic fashion to casual fashion lines...while being comfortable.

Travel-friendly chappals? Yes, please!

You know how difficult it is to carry footwear during trips, right? And for trips, you are most likely to pack the most comfortable footwear.

Most of the time, when you try to lightly fold and pack chappals, you'd notice that there will be not just creases but soles coming off in some cases.

But you don't have to worry about it when you've got us!

Monkstory chappals are super durable and travel-friendly for your convenience. You'd never have to worry about torn soles tearing your souls.

We all hate wearing shoes during the monsoon. Here's a perfect alternative: Monkstory Chappals.

You must have experienced the dreadful, wet shoe experience during monsoons; no one likes it. So what's the best solution? Chappals.

But even then, you'll only later realise how the soles start to come off after you've set your foot out under the rain a couple of times.

Let us give you a better opportunity to rock chappals not just during a good weather day but also on a rainy, muddy day. All you need to do is, rinse the mud off with clean water and wipe it off with a fabric, and you're set to go!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Hex on now...exclusively with Monkstory slippers.

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