Acetate Sunglasses: Great for Both Eyes and Earth

Monkstory Genderless Sunglasses

Monkstory Genderless Sunglasses
We're in the 21st century's second decade now, and the people of this time are more conscious about everything while rolling with the times. Let us give you the perfect example: Fashion. It has evolved in so many ways that people are more environmentally conscious regarding their fashion aesthetic. In that fashion aesthetic, we've picked an all-time favourite accessory to discuss: Sunglasses.

Sunglasses have been in fashion for aeons irrespective of how our fashion aesthetic is. From materials like smoky quartz to Cerium metal to wood for the frames, we've landed on the perfect fit: Acetate sunglasses.

MonkStory Thick Acetate Unisex Sunglasses - Marbleous Blue

"But isn't acetate plastic? And how is it life-changing anyways?"

We've got answers.

Acetate is plastic, but did you know it's manufactured from raw cellulose? The cellulose used for acetate is extracted from cotton fibres and wood pulp, making it a renewable resource! Now you can rest easy because this one isn't going into a landfill, we promise.

And talking about how it's life-changing, we'll give you a one-line history lesson regarding the same. It was brought in the '40s as a reform for manufacturing sunglasses without the usual plastic that harms the environment. Pretty cool for the old school, literally.

But that's not it. There are a lot more perks to adopting acetate sunglasses for fashion eyewear, listed as follows: -

Super light & Hypoallergenic

Acetate sunglasses do not pierce over your ears and nose bridge like conventional plastic or metal. Wearing these sunglasses almost feels like nothing. Moreover, acetate sunglasses are also hypoallergenic in nature; they do not cause any sort of skin irritations.

Flexible & Durable

Acetate as material on its own can withstand stress and is not brittle easily. So, if you are worried about accidental drops, we'd recommend switching to acetate sunglasses.

Affordable yet Long-Lasting

Not every product that lasts longer has to cost you a fortune, especially sunglasses. And that's why acetate sunglasses are in. Acetate sunglasses have good longevity and are cost-effective.

Sustainably fashionable

It's 2022. Fast fashion is out; slow fashion is in. Slow fashion is crucial in maintaining sustainability, and acetate sunglasses are just the right fit. You can find various colour and pattern options for frames for your acetate sunglasses, and moreover, these are 100% recyclable and biodegradable as well!

Versatile styling options

Acetate sunglasses are significantly versatile when it comes to styling! Acetate has a specific chemical makeup that gives out this semi-transparent, minimalistic and chic look that literally comes in all shapes and sizes. Because of such a tangible versatility, acetate sunglasses and eyewear is trending all around the globe.

We'd even give you a list of celebs to stalk today who rock acetate sunglasses: Chris Evans, Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingine, Dan Levy, Gary Oldman and who can forget about Robert Downey Jr. II!?

Now that we've given you a crash course on how amazingly fashionable and eco-friendly acetate sunglasses are, we'd like to make a pitch as you've reached the end.

Monkstory has stepped into the gender-neutral fashion world with these acetate sunglasses too. Just saying.

Now, if you are wondering why you should pick Monkstory, we've got the replies to your curiosity ready.

Monkstory is a brand that solely revolves around building a plant-based, eco-friendly fashion platform step by step. This brand started with vegan shoes for men, and now it's extending further to a gender-neutral world without any negative impact on evinronment, which is tough to do while extending your product lineup.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our new range of gender-neutral acetate sunglasses!

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