Shoes every Indian Man Needs for this Wedding Season!

Shoes every Indian Man Needs for this Wedding Season!

Shoes For The Wedding Season

A Shopping Guide for Wedding Elegance

Men's shoes for the wedding season are often not spoken about, as keenly as what brides will wear on their big day. This blog intends to correct that mistake and add a chapter on wedding shoes for men to the stylebook.

Bear in mind that we are not only going to delve into selections from Monk Story that are perfect for grooms; many of the choices on our cherry-picked list below also include footwear for men who simply want to attend weddings looking their best. Why some of these shoes will make the 'best men' look their best.

Top 10 'Wedding Season' Shoes For Men

1. Identity Studded Slip-Ons – Black

Glitzy gold-metal spike-studs on a black vegan leather cap toe set against a velveteen black faux-suede body practically yells style. The sleek and stylish choice for weddings, these shoes bring the "oompf" factor like a few others.

Be the stud you wanted to be! Create your own identity with these studded shoes and feel like a celeb.

Perfect for: Grooms and Men Attending The Wedding

2. Identity Floral Slip-Ons – Floral Blue

Classy European flair meets elegant fabric flourishes in this hand-embroidered floral selection with long tassels upfront for an added "eye candy" effect. These "chill dude" slipons can contrast and complement several different kinds of outfits this wedding season.

Your designer clothes deserve designer shoes. Stand out from the crowd and pair up your outfit with these ultra luxury floral slip-ons.

Ideal for: Grooms and Men Attending a Wedding

3. Identity Open Side Slip-Ons – Caramel Brown

These caramel-colored vegan leather marvels are studded with brogue patterns and embellished with metal-cinch straps for a season full of sweet memory-making possibilities and elegant celebration.

The best of the best is here! These open side slip-ons are the next big thing. It’s so versatile that it can be worn with almost everything.

Ideal for: Wedding Attendants

4. Reboot Croco Chelsea Boots – Chocolate Brown

Boots are the perfect match for any outfit, and so these signature vegan leather Krokodyl patterned wonders are for you. Comfy elastic sides and a burnished chocolate-brown croc-patterned body seem ready to work visual magic on the senses this season.

Have you rebooted yet? The all new reboot collection is here and this croco Chelsea boot is for all the true gentlemen’s out there. Pair them up with anything you like and stand out from the crowd

Ideal for: Wedding Attendants

5. Krokodyl Mule Shoes – Black

A neat pair of a mule, that is easy to wear and comfortable. Additionally, these selections come with a look that is as stylish as it is memorable. A great mix 'n' matcher shoe indeed for weddings. They look great in ethnic Indian clothing.

Black makes a Power Statement. Slip into these gorgeous vegan-leather marvels, where comfort and style go ‘foot in shoe’.

Perfect for: Grooms and Men Attending The Wedding

6. Krokodyl Driving Shoes – Black

Imagine leaving the car wearing these gorgeous vegan leather beauties, featuring the signature Krokodyl prints and chic horse-bit metal ornaments, these slipons will get you out of the house on time and to the wedding early while still looking amazing.

A man of few words walks into a room and silences the crowd with a single step. Monk Story’s all-black Krokodyl shoes have been favorites for quite some time now. Comfort, style, and power-statements are yours to claim with this pair of ebony sensations.

Ideal for: Wedding Attendants

7. Eclecta Multi-Studded Slip Ons – Classic Brown

Tassel cuts, gold studs, and highlight stitching on a chocolate-brown vegan leather body have rendered these selections a class apart. In addition to a distinct look, these shoes also pack quite the comfort quotient.

Your Shoe-Drobe Makeover! Add something new and classy to your collection from ours. The "Eclecta" lineup contains style, sensibility, and sustainability all rolled into a handful of gorgeously designed shoes for men. With metal studding as highlights and Roman-inspired armour tassel cuts, these black and brown vegan leather wonders from Monk Story have what it takes to make your style statement a power statement.

Perfect for: Grooms and Men Attending The Wedding

8. Eclecta Side Buckle Slip Ons – Brown/Black

A memorable faux-suede flourish on each façade with a classy 'wrap across' design cinched with metal adornments has made these vegan leather selections a social head-turner and a smile-winner.

Dream-Worthy! Sombre brown pseudo-suede uppers balance an all-black vegan leather finish for these exquisitely stylish shoes from our newest "Eclecta" collection. Notice the 'wrap-around' design choice up front and a single metal horsebit ornament that provides all the trendy appeal you need in a pair of super-sustainable shoes.

Perfect for: Grooms and Men Attending The Wedding

9. T-Rad Toe-Ring Sandals – Blue

An outstanding choice for traditional weddings, these elegant designs are as timeless as these are perfect for modern grooms. Made entirely from vegan leather, they set them apart from the conventional crowd.

Simplicity at its best! An enviable vegan leather design aesthete graces these remarkably vintage chappals that come ready to be worn to any traditional occasion. A trendy blue-gray colour adds to their modern appeal

Perfect for: Grooms

10. T-Rad Strappy Sandals – Blue/Silver

The wedding season is a great time to show off your strappy style with these traditional yet stylish slippers made from vegan leather and designed to impress. They look and feel amazing, and they match all types of ethnic Indian outfits, particularly South Indian.

Slim-Strap Sexy! Silver and blue-gray vegan leather straps wrap your feet in sustainable splendour. Our next chapter is "T-Rad Rising", an extension of our first collection of that same name. Here is one trendy traditional design for you, from Monk Story. Elegant appearance meets superior comfort in these simply fantastic slippers

Ideal for: Wedding Attendants


You have a rich variety of cruelty-free shoes to choose from this wedding season. These designs are ideal for any occasion, not just matrimonies. So add some crease- and stain-resistant vegan leather recommendations to your shoe-drobe.

Whether you're the groom, one of the 'best men', his best friend, or just a dude invited to come to celebrate the Big Day, you won't go wrong wearing one of these excellent selections from Monk Story's Temple of Style.

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