Best Driving Shoes For Summer – A Smart Shopping Guide

Best Driving Shoes For Summer – A Smart Shopping Guide

Shoes so comfortable that you can wear them ANYDAY! ANYWHERE! ANYTIME!

Lets talk about the shoes that are durable,stylish,comfortable,trendy and convenient,all at the same time.

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What Are Driving Shoes?

A driving shoes is basically a moccasin-construction slip-on with a very comfortable and relaxed fit.

Driving shoes for men are essentially any reliable shoes you can wear outdoors. By outdoors, we don't mean trekking or jogging but urban activities that see you on your feet and moving around for hours.

Why Driving Shoes?

Any man who has that sort of lifestyle will agree that good shoes are half the comfort, considering that your feet can get sore or swollen simply by walking or standing for hours on end. Even when you're driving, your feet are occupied and active. Those brakes and clutches aren't going to press themselves.

What better way to invite durability and multi-hour comfort into your day than to choose eco-conscious vegan driving shoes that sits as light on your feet as their significance does on your soul.

Plus you can wear them on almost every occasion -

  • A Business Trip.
  • A Road Trip
  • At the Beach.
  • Social Affairs.
  • Casual Meetings.

Are Driving Shoes Good For Walking?

Consider the following points, and use them to decide for yourself…

  • Driving shoes are designed to provide comfort for an extended period of time, anywhere from two to ten hours.
  • Monk Story's driving shoes are stain and crease resistant.
  • They are eco-conscious, meaning they are kind on the environment and leave a tiny carbon footprint, making them as healthy to the world around you as your decision to go walking is for your own body.

As you can imagine, such shoes can prove as adept for walking as they do for driving. When it comes to athletic-level walking, fast-walking, and jogging, however, you will need something sportier.

Top 5 Driving Shoes For Men

  1. Naples (navy-blue)

    A dark brown band across each façade, highlight stitching all round, and superior insole comfort have adequately carried these vegan leather jewels into men's favourite driving shoes lists. Easy to wear and capable of meeting seasonal challenges while on the road, these simple navy-blue slip-ons from Monk Story have earned their place on this guide.

2. Stilo (grey)

Designed with pull-up straps and flat soles, these exceptionally comfortable grey-suede Pu slip ones look and feel enormously sophisticated. They will complement not just your fashionable outfits but also your car or bike itself – particularly if your vehicle is grey or silver in colour. Highlight stitching and a wavy vegan leather band across each shoe's façade further add to their class.

3. Krokodyl

Available in three fantastic colours: black, brown, tan. Bearing signature Krokodyl animal-skin patterns but made entirely from vegan leather, each of the three driving shoes in this category epitomize 'green style' and boast unmatched design excellence. Neat leather bands across each façade carry metal horsebits that exude charm and attractive elegance.The textured leather print is the primary focal point on these shoes.The Krokodylpattern lends these selections an air of masculine power and stealthy strength.

4. Bologna (black)

Formal and with a beautifully textured body, these vegan leather slip-ons come designed to make you appear posh. Whether you're on a bike or in a car, you'll get on/in and off/out your vehicle in style. These shoes also boast enviable insole designs that remain true to their promise of comfort. simple features wrapped in an air of profound class have made Monk story's Bologna driving shoes a dream for men who like to keep things simple but don't wish to sacrifice appeal while doing so.

5. "Seduxtion" driving shoes

Monk Story's "Seduxtion" collection contains some captivating shoes to try on, especially if you're in the market for some sexy driving shoes. Where dual colour pieces are concerned, you have a black-tan choice and a brown-grey one. A lace-up inspired design loops its way along the sides of each shoe, ending in a bow or tassel knot up front – this length of material is entirely vegan leather. Highlight stitching can be seen throughout the shoe,which makes them appear even more appealing. The 'duality' in question takes the form of vegan leather sides on each shoe-body sitting neatly adjacent pseudo-suede uppers. As slip-ons go, these dual-tone loafers carry their own distinct style expressions.

Conclusion -

Whatever your choice of driving shoe from the ones recommended in this 'swift guide', you can't go wrong. Because when it comes to Monk Story, each selection was cherry-picked for not only their aesthetic appeal but also practical worth.

Bringing you great value for money is one thing. Monk Story's driving shoes also bring you the promise of long-term comfort. These shoes are therefore as durable as their vegan leather designs make them out to be, and as easy on the eyes as some of their pseudo-suede design elements declare.

You can match the shoes colour to that of your vehicle – contrast or complement too, as needed. In addition to being reliable, driving shoes will keep your feet feeling comfortable, especially when the drive is long or the walk proves arduous.

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