A Milestone Worthy Of A Monk – PETA Honours Monk Story

A Milestone Worthy Of A Monk – PETA Honours Monk Story

When PETA India decided to recognize us for our humane and no-animal-cruelty approach to the art and craft of shoemaking, we were overjoyed to accept. Monk Story extends its humblest thanks to PETA CEO Dr. Manilal Valliyate and everyone working in that splendid organization.

The 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' honoured us in November 2021 with their prestigious Vegan Fashion Award. This title has been given in recognition of our all-vegan men's shoes. Monk Story's collections have been the talk of the town for a few years now, and we truly appreciate PETA's award. Now we feel we can reach a lot more people with a lot more credibility on our side than before.

The industry of shoemaking has not been kind to animals, seeing as how cows, crocodiles, and other species have been culled for their hide, which was then turned into 'premium' processed leather. Given the ongoing, and rather desperate, need to address the Climate Crisis, it felt right to us at Monk Story to create a brand that didn't just value animal-friendly fashion but prioritised it.

When we started out in 2016, little did we realize that in less than six years being in the biz, we'll have attained such pride-worthy recognition from one of the organisations that originally inspired us to choose a sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle. The work that PETA has done to counter animal cruelty in not just business and corporate sectors but legal and political arenas too remains the 'gold standard' in fighting for what is right.

With every shoe we at Monk Story make and market, we aim to sell exquisite elegance and sensational style without having a life pay for it. This is what sets us apart as a brand and business. Over the years, people have asked us why we list expensive offerings in a 'shopping world' that gives customers something much cheaper that looks just as good.

Let us once again clarify this ill-informed query…

  • All our shoes are put through an environment-conscious manufacturing process. This means we leave an extremely tiny carbon footprint and absolutely no toxic waste that might end up in rivers, soils, and oceans.
  • We employ hand-crafted talents wherever needed, instilling the excellence and beauty of that artform while employing the artists that perform it. Several of our designs come made by hand.
  • Our leather is 100% vegan, meaning plant material comprises each shoe. Our signature styles and patterns all come designed with the highest sustainability quotient.
  • We always recommend 'slow fashion', which means you buy less often. Our shoes are crease- and stain-resistant, and they remain that way for years. Each shoe's style also never goes out of vogue for several years.
  • By giving you contemporary styles and multi-purpose footwear, as well as designs specific to sundry events, we ensure that you stay stylish while also being sustainable. We have a shoe for every occasion you can possibly imagine.

Allow us to share a popular saying from 'zero waste chef' Anne-Marie Bonneau: "We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

This message rests at the heart of Monk Story. Our shoes are by no means perfect or so magical that merely tapping their heels together will transport you to Wonderland or Oz.

  • Our shoes have proven to make a sizeable contribution to counter the ongoing Climate Emergency.
  • Our shoes come ready to serve your every style sense and daring demand.
  • Our shoes come prepared to go the extra mile, and take you with them.

We can and will make a difference in the world, all of us, thousands to millions, by choosing slightly more expensive but highly efficient and long-lasting 'value for money' fashion footwear for men.

With PETA's prestigious Vegan Award, we at Monk Story are happy to celebrate yet another milestone with you – family, friends, customers. Here's to many more game-changing and industry-redefining milestones to come.

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