Shoes every Indian Man Needs for this Wedding Season Part-2!

Shoes every Indian Man Needs for this Wedding Season Part-2!

Shoes For The Wedding Season

A Shopping Guide for Wedding Elegance

Monkstory Luxious

Men's shoes for the wedding season are often not spoken about as keenly as what brides are going to wear on their Big Day. This blog intends to correct that mistake and add a chapter on wedding shoes for men to the book of style.

Bear in mind that we are not only going to delve into selections from Monk Story that are perfect for grooms, many of the choices on our cherry-picked list below also contain footwear for men who simply want to attend weddings looking their best. Why some of these shoes will make the 'best men' look their best.

Top 15 'Wedding Season' Shoes For Men

1. Luxious Metallic Bracelet Slip-Ons -Black

Bracelets and black vegan leather have a nice fashionable ring to them. These shoes bring you the best of both, boasting a neat sombre polish balanced by light-catching metal bracelets on each façade. They declare 'stylish groom here!' as few other shoes can.

Monkstory 1 -Luxious Metallic Bracelet Slip-Ons – Black

Ideal for: Grooms

2. Luxious Mule Shoes With Fur Insoles – Burgundy

Posh-perfect flourishes no matter wherever you look, these mules are certainly made for styling. A creamy braided look made from vegan leather, with tassels up front, adds to their 'chic appeal'. Dipped in burgundy, these mules can most assuredly be termed distinguished. Check out those silver fox faux-fur insoles and tell us these choices won't make people ask you more about them this season.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding

3. Luxious Faux Horse Skin Slip-Ons - Burgundy

We're off to the races this wedding season, with a charming 'powerhouse' selection inspired by horses. The design went all out, integrating metal horsebits on a horse faux-fur body with vegan leather back-heels and burgundy coloring to get you a look that will gallop into people's senses and leave quite the stud-worthy impression.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding

4. Opulenza Embroidered Mojri – Moon White

One look at these creamy cuties is sure to make you a believer in the magic of wedding season fashions for men. Indian design elements with hand-embroidered flourishes have made these ethnic jewels a prime choice for grooms everywhere.

Ideal for: Grooms

5. Opulenza Textured Slip-Ons With Captoe - Vintage Brown

Elegant streaks on a faux-suede body with burnished vegan leather captoes, all in vintage-style milk chocolate brown, make these slipons a remarkable choice indeed to exude some fine wedding season charm.

Ideal for: Grooms

6. Opulenza Slip-Ons - Spymaster Grey

Sophisticated with a touch of spymastery, these mysterious fabric shoes come boasting vintage elements and a vegan leather band on each façade that together are sure to make you stand out in a vibrant crowd.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding

7. Opulenza Patterned Fabric Slip-Ons - Renaissance Gold

Unleash your inner 'golden tiger' with these Renaissance-style fabric selections that are as powerful and strong to see as they are to wear for hours on end. In addition to displaying one of the most unforgettable mélange effects, these shoes are also ideal for wedding season outfits of all kinds. They come highly recommended for grooms.

Ideal for: Grooms

8. Opulenza Embroidered Slip-ons - Drake Red

You have three other amazing colors -caramel brown, royal blue, and elegant green - to choose from with these hand-embroidered fabric shoes adorned with Chinese Dragon motifs. Perfect for a 'set' of four groomsmen or just to wear as a squad of the groom's besties, these elegant and highly luxurious selections are one of our most fiery-hot recommendations.

Ideal for: Men Attending The Wedding

9. Opulenza Motif Embroidered Slip-ons - Russian Red

Enjoy a splash of vibrant red this wedding season, with an added touch of gold hand embroidery. Together, these outstanding fabric selections seem fit for royalty, which is why we strongly recommend them for grooms.

Ideal for: Grooms

10. Drezzire Classic Patent Slip-Ons - Cherry Red

A popular look with a 'double wrap' design flourishes on each façade and a minimal Brogue pattern serving as superb highlights on a delicious cherry-red vegan leather body make these ultra-classy selections a must-wear this wedding season. They match suits bearing expressive 'power colors', and are great to 'mix-n-match' with a spectrum of accessories.

Ideal for: Grooms

11. Drezzire Patina Slip-Ons - Blue/Black

Get ready to dance. These shoes give you enough reason to show off some stylish moves on the dance floor this wedding season. A look and feel that brings aesthete and comfort in equal measure have made these selections the bee's knees.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding

12. Drezzire Patent Captoe Lace-Ups – Saddle/Black

Feel and look like a powerful don this wedding season with these super-polished vegan leather beauties with mid-bodies graced by faux-suede integrations. A vintage-style color theme of saddle brown and mafia-black make these selections quite the jaw-dropper.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding

13. Drezzire Classic Fringes With Horsebit Slip-Ons - Cherry Red

Tassel-cuts fringed on each façade, and locked in place by a smooth overlapping band adorned with gold metal horsebits have created a vegan leather masterpiece in these beautifully highlight-stitched selections, which seem to be making a wedding season offer you can't refuse.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding

14. Raro Stripped Print Smart Casual Slip-Ons – Italian Print / Krokodyl Pattern

Grab a piece of timeless perfection with these selections that come bearing classic Italian blue-white-black prints on each façade and all-black vegan leather bodies patterned in signature Krokodyl textures. Oh, and there's a chic leather tassel up front too.

Ideal for: Men Attending The Wedding

15. T-Rad Single Buckle Sandals – Tan

A dash of power with a touch of traditional charm make these slippers the 'go to' choice for ethnic weddings that demand traditional outfits. They boast neat stitches, metal buckles, and a familiar look but are made entirely from cruelty-free vegan leather.

Ideal for: Grooms & Men Attending The Wedding


You have a rich variety of cruelty-free shoes to choose from this wedding season. These designs are ideal for any occasion, not just matrimonies. So add some crease- and stain-resistant vegan leather recommendations to your shoe-drobe.

Whether you're the groom, one of the 'best men', his best friend, or just a dude invited to come to celebrate the Big Day, you won't go wrong wearing one of these excellent selections from Monk Story's Temple of Style.

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