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The Monk's Story

By now you must be wondering who this “monk” is that we keep speaking of. Let’s just say he was one of you and me, a mindless consumer with no regard for the world around him. And why would he have any? What good would that do to his selfish purposes?

What changes him, no one knows, but a legend says it was a magic potion that brought him closer to nature. Wrapped in a buttery translucent wrapper, this potion showed the monk who he really was. It showed him history and took him to the time of the Neanderthals. It showed him alternative futures leaving him to pick it for the rest of the world.

Which one he will pick, we do not know. The luscious green one with a thriving Earth, or a dystopian one made of nightmares.

We might not know the Monk’s choice, but let’s just hope you and I make the right one.