How to tell a good shoe from a cheap one

How to tell a good shoe from a cheap one

How to tell a good shoe form a cheap one.

Without a good pair of shoes, an outfit feels incomplete. Shoes play an important role in the way we present ourselves. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons why the shoe market is blooming. The market is filled with different types of shoes, which is a good thing, but sometimes it can also be a problem. The number of knock offs in the market have also gone up, making it difficult to identify a good pair of shoes from the bad. What’s wrong in a knock off if I can save a few bucks? You may ask, well, there quite a few reason in fact. A bad pair of shoes wear off easily compared to a good pair, which will last you for ages. So in the long run you will be spending a lot more on Knock offs compared to a good pair of shoes. A bad pair of shoes can also hurt your legs and even cause back pain.

Now the biggest question being, how can one tell the difference between a good pair of shoes and a cheap knock off? Here are a few ways you can differentiate.

The build quality.

Good pair of shoes are stitched, nicely shaped and fit as a fiddle. They are built to last a long time if taken care of. Bad pair of shoes is the complete opposite, the upper part and the sole are glued together and within just a few day of usage, often show signs of wear and tear.

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Run size

Good pair of shoes are often hand crafted by specialised shoemakers rather than being manufactured in some factory. Hence the run size of these shoes is often pretty low and they run out of stock faster than factory manufactured shoes.

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You can expect good pair of shoes to come from established brands with a history and reputation in the market. There’s a lot more expected of them which is why they charge more. People believe their products are worth it. Monk Story is one such example of a brand that delivers shoes that has lived up to the expectations of their consumers.

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With cheap shoes you can expect their manufacturers to neither rely on nor care about the reputation of shoe quality. It’s safe to say they’re targeting the good number of guys who settle for cheap.

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