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Dress like a Monk. Upcoming Trends.

May 12, 2017

If you’ve ever watched a fashion show and wondered how in the world you could possibly wear those extravagant styles on the streets every day, your line of thought isn’t that different from our own.

To help with that, we’ve compiled a list of upcoming trends that you should keep in mind as you shop and also as you dress yourself every morning. We guarantee that people will do a double take when they see your understated style and also have you looking your personal best.  

1.The Wood Story: Have you ever worn a wood based product? They’re ridiculously stylish and at the same time not over-the-top - perfect for the man who wants to let his style, and not the exuberance of a product, speak for itself. Get yourself a pair of wooden sunglasses with some brand new lenses and leave the environmentally harming plastic frames behind. 

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2.All Things That Aren’t Leather: A good monk, or a good human being for that matter, never follows the trend of leather products. He recognises the value of not using products that are made from the skin or bodies of animals, and consciously opts for environmentally sustaining, synthetic products instead whether they’re on his feet or resting on his shoulders. 

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3.Better than a Punching Bag: A good bag speaks volumes to your fashion sense. Boring black briefcases are the accessories of generations past, and backpacks are what you take on a hike. A true monk puts all his essentials into a canvas bag made for the purpose of showing his taste off to the world.  

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4.Bow Ties before Bros: There’s nothing that screams well-dressed more than a good bow tie to complete your outfit. It’s simple, yet it stands out and moreover, picking a good one is very easy. You could choose between a classic cloth one or a more fashionable wooden one, but, either way, we guarantee that you’ll feel complete the minute you snap one on.  

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5.The Cork Trend: If you haven’t heard about cork based products before, we’re here to bring you up to speed. Environmentally sustaining, highly functional and undeniably stylish, cork is used to make wallets, laptop sleeves and passport and card holders among other things. Cork is also soft, flexible and one of the lightest materials on the market and we could not recommend adding it to your wardrobe more. 

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You don’t need to follow the styles on the runway to be the most fashionable guy on the street. 

Remember this list the next time you shop, and we guarantee you’ll be good to go.  

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