Become our partner in sales

How do I earn through monkstory?


You can now earn or become our sales partner by just filling out the form below.


How this works?


We will review your form and issue a Discount code of 15% to you. You can spread the code to your friends, family or anyone you know and earn that 15%.




Your name is Mr X and the discount code is. X15.

A friend of yours orders something for Rs 2000

You will earn 15% of it. That is 300rs.


This amount will vary according to the total order amount.


Terms and policies.


  • You will be responsible for the orders you get for monkstory.
  • The code issued to you can be used at a maximum of 50 times only.
  • Orders cancelled/undelivered or returned will not be calculated as your sales.
  • We will provide you truthful information without any intention of cheating or malpractice.
  • We will provide you with all the information required for the orders you have got us.
  • Cash withdrawal can be done only after reaching 20 orders using your discount code.
  • Your discount code will be valid only on a minimum purchase of Rs 1500
Size chart

















6 7 40 9.90 25.10
7 8 41 10.15 25.70
8 9 42 10.25 26.00
9 10 43 10.50 26.70
10 11 44 11.00 27.90
11 12 45 11.15 28.30
12 13 46 11.25 28.90