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5 shoes you need this Summer wedding season

May 08, 2017

Like most dress codes these days, the rules at weddings have gone slack. You have the license to dress with more personal style than ever, as long as you pull it off. We've compiled a collection of shoes that will make you stand out but not like a sore thumb. 



Arguably the least formal of "official" wedding functions. You can pretty much wear anything to these as long as you can pair them up with the right outfit. 

Our footwear of choice is this pair of Cherry Ashleys that give you a suave appearance while maintaining the playfulness a cocktail party is synonymous with. 

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The Sangeet is all about grandeur, bright colours, loud music, and dancing. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and fun. Our pick for the evening is this pair of semi-traditional St florians that you can team up with a bandghala as well as your classic Kurta Pyjama. 




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Wedding ceremonies, especially in India, can be drastically different from one another. 

If you're ever confused about what to wear a classic two-buttoned suit with a pair of black cap-toe oxfords is the way to go. 



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Honestly, you could wear the same shoes you wore to the wedding ceremony. But if you want to make a statement that all the guests will remember, we suggest you go with a white or grey tuxedo and team them up with this pair of stunning black and beige delta shoes. 

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Now that all the "official" functions are done it's time to party with your favourites. We recommend this pair of brown Bergen shoes that complete any outfit that spells "Dressed up but fun". 


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