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3 reasons you should trash your old shoes

May 15, 2017

Life without shoes is a life filled with slippers, and you wouldn't want to wear slippers on your first date would you? Shoes play a big role in the way you present yourself. Apart from looks shoes are something you got to have if you are into sports, just imagine the Indian cricket team playing a match in slippers. Shoes are not all about looks, they are also comfortable. Shoes give you confidence, they complement your dress. A good pair of shoes give you confidence when you walk into a meeting, they make you feel smart when you go on a date. But just because you love your shoes, doesn't mean you can wear the same pair all your life. Here are 3 reason why you should trash your old shoes.



It’s called walking with style, not falling with embarrassment.


As the shoe gets older, the sole starts to wear. An uneven sole can mean only one thing. Disaster.It can get pretty uncomfortable and difficult to walk in a pair of shoes with worn out soles. It can also cause serious back problem if you continue wearing shoes with worn soles. If you have shoes with worn sole, it’s time to say goodbye and trash them right away.


Hey! My shoe is growing a beard!


The old the shoes get, the higher the chances of the stitches coming lose. While shoes make you look good, shoes with lose stitches do the exact opposite. So next time you are on a date, make sure you don't wear shoes with lose stitches or you may end up losing the girl.





Grey is not the new black

A well maintained pair of shoes can serve you for a long time, but if not cared for, the shoes will start fading, hence losing their colour and shine. You can’t walk into a meeting wearing shoes that look like they belonged to your grandpa. Also you look at other candidates in their shiny, polished shoes and you lose your confidence even before your interview starts. So if you have a pair of shoes that are fading, it’s time to trash them and get a pair, of new shoes.  


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